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des_fas_jewelleryHand Crafted Jewellery

Using various shell / stone / silver, and our New Zealand paua shell. Paua is from a species of Abalone (Haliotis Iris) and found in the shallow waters surrounding New Zealand.

A marine mollusc which eats seaweed and clings to rocks at depths of 1-10 metres along the shoreline.

It is the most colourful of all Abalone shells, varying from greens and pinks to purples and blues; some even have gold or crimson tonings.

The colours change when viewed from different angles, with an iridescence similar to that of mother of pearl shell but more vibrant in colour. The Paua fishery is managed with a quota system in order to ensure sustainability of this natural resource.

Paua fisheries free-dive to pry the mollusc from the rocks, the meat is considered a delicacy in New Zealand and overseas.

New Zealand Maori have traditionally used paua in their carvings and artwork expressing their culture with meaningful passion, this we use in many of our designs.

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