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Are you concerned about the possible side effects of the EMF of cellphones on your body?

If you are take a look at Cell Defender™

Your Cellphone… Your Health… Our Cell Defender Card

As cellphone usage is growing at a staggering rate, now is an opportune time to start looking at ways to safeguard your health and well being.

International research suggests that we cannot rule out long term adverse effects from using cell phones. The research shows that prolonged exposure to EMFs from cellphones and other sources can be linked to many health problems , such as fatigue, headaches, memory and learning disorders, cell damage, and tumours

According to the research, it takes about 5-20 years before the effects of EMFs become clinically apparant.

A main concern is for children, as they have thinner skulls and are generally heavy users of cell phones.

How It Works

The Cell Defender™ card has embedded in it a magnetic programme that neutralises the disruptive effects of the EMF of the cellphone on the electromagnetic field of the body.

Cell Defender CardCell Defender™ Card

Fits inside most brands of cell phone.

Easily installed next to battery.
Can be transferred to another cell phone.
Lasts up to 2 years (12 months for heavy users)

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