General Information

International research is focusing on possible long term effects which may not be apparent for several years…

Around the world researchers are investigating possible links to:

  1. Tumours and headaches
  2. DNA and chromosome damage
  3. Memory and learning disorders
  4. Foetal damage
  5. Fatigue
  6. And many others…

History Repeating Itself?

  1. We were once told smoking is good for you and calms the nerves.
  2. Radiologists once never left the room when taking an x-ray.
  3. Asbestos was freely used in building.
  4. Thalidomide was safe for pregnant women.
  5. NEXT?

For many research articles and up to date information around the world the health website mercola .com website is very informative and will give some good insight into the cellphone enquiry.

Tips to reduce the risks:
Dr Ivan Beale (former member of the radiofrequency field standards committee advises:

  1. Use a remote hands free or loudspeaker cellphone rather than holding the phone against your ear.
  2. When using a cellphone minimise the time spent talking(the radiation is greatestwhen you are transmitting)
  3. Avoid using a cellphone in a vehicle,even if stationary.(the metal walls of a car shield the phone from the nearest cell site causing it to increase its energy output.)
  4. Avoid using a cellphone near high voltage power lines.( the power frequency field interferes with transmission from the cellphone,causing the phone to increase its strength to get a clear signal to the cell site)
  5. When convenient use a cellphone in an open area rather than an enclosed one.

Other suggested ways to reduce minimizing possible cell phone risks:

Limit your exposure to WiFi routers.

do not use a cellphone if you are pregnant and restrict use with children, especially 12 year and under.

Limit calls inside buildings.

Cell Defender is an aid and a start to this possible cellphone epidemic in the future.