Poly Contrast Interference Photography (P.I.P.) and Gas Discharge visualisation (G.D.V.)

These tests were carried out by Dr. Thornton Streeter (an international expert in human energy field technologies), Dr Anuga Ranade, and a team of researchers including an ethics committee for validation. The results of this research concluded that the Cell Defender card has a profound, positive effect on the biofield of the individuals tested.

Poly-contrast Interference Photography (PIP) is a human energy field imaging process that is internationally recognised.It is an accurate,safe and non-invasive system which is used for medical and clinical research and to diagnose and validate healing techniques. PIP shows areas of well being a mixture of lighter,brighter,balanced patterns and colours.It also shows areas of dis-ease and stress, distorted,darker and congested pools of energy. Simply put PIP reveals ease and dis-ease in your body.

Subject holding cellphone on standby without Cell Defender

Subject holding mobile on standby without cell defender card inserted.

Bio Field overall shows vibrant combination of golden yellow, pink and green. Brow is congested.

Congestion in the left temporal bone is seen (in the vicinity of mobile), Mild congestion is seen in the solar plexus and lung field.



Subject holding Cellphone during call without Cell Defender

Congestion in Brow has significantly increased as a result of mobile phone radiations.

Density of golden yellow which is a positive vibration has also reduced. Congestion in the lung field has increased.




Mobile Usage with Cell Defender

Left Image: Mobile on Standby with Cell Defender introduced. General biofield has become more vibrant after the use of cell defender. Minimal increase in density of golden yellow is seen which is a positive sign.

Right Image: With Cell Defender during call. General biofield becomes more vibrant. Brow shows reduction in red low energy and an increase in green. Definite increase in golden yellow is seen, this is a positive sign. Congestion in forehead, lung fields and solar plexus has reduced.

GDV Analysis After two days use of Cell Defender

Analysis: overall distortion of crown has reduced significantly.Scan appears to be more symmetrical after two days exposure to cell defender. Leak at level of heart chakra also has reduced.